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My family came to visit me at Duke in the fall of 2017.
It was their first trip to the US!
The Duke-UNC rivalry is one of the most vivid memories of my college time.

Growing up

with a ball

Daniele Proch baby football
Daniele Proch baby football

at my feet

baby Daniele Proch football
Proch Dro footballer
Daniele Proch Duke football
Daniele Proch NFCF footballer

3 yrs old

5 yrs old

9 yrs old

18 yrs old

21 yrs old

24 yrs old

Daniele Proch ncfc
It is our duty as professional athletes to engage with our club's youth programs. Some young football talents out there!
Daniele Proch football
A pleasure getting to know these young students during
Read Across America

Daniele Proch ncfc
Daniele Proch Jersey ncfc
june 20 training 1
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june 20 training 2
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june 20 training 3
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june 20 training 4
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The unforgettable
Policy Journalism and Media Studies ceremony at Duke.
The AP Stylebook was the best gift!
Daniele Proch Journalist Duke
Daniele Proch Duke journalist
NCFC July 25.jpeg
NCFC July 25_2.jpeg
june 20 training 5.jpeg
Daniele Proch Duke footballer
Daniele Proch journalist
Daniele Proch Family Duke
Daniele Proch footballer
Daniele Proch footballer all american
Family and friends at what used to be our family's restaurant & pizzeria in Arco, Italy 
Daniele Proch arco
Daniele Proch brother
Daniele Proch family
Daniele Proch friends
Daniele Proch NCFC Insider blog
My workspace!
Here is where most of my writing takes shape
me garda lake.jpeg
When they ask me about my childhood idol ...
Daniele Proch baby
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